Anthologies 2019

Crescent Sea Publishing will be releasing three open-submission anthologies in 2019.

Submission Date: January 3

Submission Date: April 4

Submission Date: July 3

Publication Date: April

Publication Date: July

Publication Date: Oct

We love a good circus story here at CSP and we can’t wait to see what kind of unique sci-fi or fantasy twist you take to this theme. 

Have an incredible steampunk story you’re dying to get out in the world? We’re looking for twisty takes on this genre for this anthology.

With a focus on technology, we’re excited to focus on stories deeply routed in sci-fi (and even some fantasy) for this cyberpunk anthology.

15,000-30,00 words, preference given to longer stories.

15,000-30,00 words, preference given to longer stories.

15,000-30,00 words, preference given to longer stories.

Submission Requirements

All stories submitted must be Young Adult, meaning the lead character must be between 15-18 years old.

All manuscripts must be polished. We don’t mind a few typos (we have an editor for that) but if there are numerous typos, grammatical errors, plot holes, etc, we will not be able to consider the manuscript.

If you feel like you need a developmental editor or a line editor before you submit to sweep over your manuscript, please feel free to hire a professional. If you would like extra help, we do offer developmental and line editing services. These services are available between now and two weeks before the submission deadline to give us time to help you with your manuscript so it is ready to go to print. Please contact us if you would like our help and guidance in advance before you submit so you are ready to go before the deadline. (**working with us as developmental editors does not ensure you will be selected, especially if you don’t make the necessary changes)

You don’t have to hire a professional before submitting, but make sure your manuscript is polished and print-worthy before submission because there will be no time to fix mistakes after you turn it in.

We appreciate dark and twisted stories, but please refrain from too much swearing or any explicit sexual content.

We love a good romance, but please ensure your story has an actual plot to it aside from the romance. We’re all about the swoony kissing scenes here as long as there is a storyline as well.

All authors who are accepted into the anthology must agree to the $50 buy in fee to help cover the production costs of the anthology.

All deadlines are final. Once the submission window closes, we will not be able to look at anything that comes in after the fact. If you are accepted into the anthology and miss deadlines, you will forfeit your spot in the anthology without reimbursement.

Submissions available to established authors and emerging voices. We’ll be selecting the strongest stories and the manuscripts that fit best with the collection.

All stories must be previously unpublished, including Wattpad or personal sites, blogs, etc.

Stories will be exclusive to the anthology for six months following release.

After stories are released from the anthology, stories will remain as part of the anthology indefinitely in a wide format, meaning your stories will always be in wide distribution, so they cannot be placed into KU (Amazon will find you and penalize you if you put it in KU because according to their terms of service, it can’t be anywhere but on Amazon)

After the six months post-publication is up, you’re welcome to have your own cover created and list your book for wide distribution on your own.

What We Provide

Covers and Formatting

For each anthology, we’re creating custom covers (no icky stock photos involved)

We have a professional photographer and designer we work with, so a ton of time and attention goes into each custom curated cover.


We have a dedicated team of proofreaders to check for those couple of typos you missed before submitting your story.

World Portals

Each anthology will have it’s own subdomain all about the stories and authors.

Each individual story will have its own section in the world portal for fans to dive deeper into the story.

Release Day Broadcasts

We will be hosting parties on release days and helping you to market the anthology. We work together as a team to help support one another.


We may even have a few extra tricks up our sleeves too…

What You Bring To The Table

When you submit your story, we want to know what else you bring to the table.

What can you do to help promote this anthology?

Remember, we’re already doing the cover, formatting, handling the editing team, creating the website and world portals, organizing the parties, creating marketing graphics, doing customized bookstagram photos, handling the publication of both the ebook and printed book, and taking care of a ton of bonuses that we can’t tell you about yet…

But we’re not the only one here.

We want you to shine too!

So what talents/abilities can you bring along to help us out and do something for the team?

This isn’t a sit-back-and-watch-someone-else-handle-the-party kind of event.

We want you to jump in and join the fun!


What is required for the World Portals?

World Portals will revolve around the story you create and will give fans a deeper look at what you have written. Each author will fill out a form to give me details about their story, additional behind the scenes, character descriptions for fan art, and any bonus content that you can give me. The more in depth we can go, the better.

What will I have to do for the bonuses?

The majority of the bonuses will be created by us, but we will put out an open call for authors to contribute to the bonuses. We’re planning preorder bonuses for fans, special giveaways, contests, etc to build up our marketing. These things will typically be cost-free and we have a ton of resources to help you create these bonuses.

Will these be in print or just ebook?

The anthologies will be in both print and ebook and will be distributed wide.

What happens to the royalties?

We’re pricing the book just above the minimum required by the printers and distributors. Any royalties we make will go to cover additional costs for the book. We often price the ebook as free to get attention, but not always.

How much does it cost to participate?

We’re asking for $50 from each participant to help cover the cost of the cover, website, graphic design, marketing, editing, formatting, etc, though you’re welcome to donate more so that we can book more ads and do more creative things.

How long will we be required to market after the anthology is released?

We ask that all authors actively market through their social media for a minimum of one month after release so that we get the best initial sales that we can get!

Will the release date change?

Only if we all happen to be rocking people who get stuff done super early. If everyone handles their part of the deal and the anthology is ready to go early and everyone is on board, we have no problem bumping up the release and using it as a surprise marketing tactic. We’ve definitely released short stories before with zero warning and have hit bestseller in multiple categories several times, so we’ve got this marketing things down.

Ready to Submit?
Submission in progress 50%

Email us at with the following information:

First and last name:

Author name:

Author website:

Have you been published before? If so, please share your Amazon page with us:

Which anthology are you submitting to?

Title of story:

What is your story about?

Are you willing to pitch in with marketing efforts?

Are you will to pay $50 to join the anthology  to help with the cost of cover/formatting/World Portals/promo design work/etc?

Has your story been published before (including places like Wattpad)

Are you comfortable with your story being exclusive to the anthology for six months?

What are your social media links? Please list them all.

Are you willing to be active during launch week? This includes our live party and other events. (We understand if you have to miss one due to a schedule conflict, but we ask that you join the majority of the events)

Have you edited your story to the best of your ability?

Why should we choose you to join the anthology?

Why should we choose you to join our group? (What are you bringing to the table?)

Anything else we should know?

We’re super excited to have you submit your story to us! We’ll be getting back to everyone selected within two weeks of submissions closing. At that time, we’ll send you a contract and get you inside the anthology group.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

PS Still need someone to check over your story before you submit? Email us to book our proofreading or developmental editing services. This does not ensure you will be selected, but we’re going to tell you exactly what we need the story to look like when you submit it for us to consider it.



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