Let the Circus Capture You Again...

With seven stories from fantasy, to retellings, to paranormal, these circus-inspired tales will take you to new heights and introduce you to a world of wonder, terror, and triumph.

Can you heart handle these breath-taking stories from under the Big Top?

Find out now!

Circus of Scales by Constance Roberts

Blood Is Silent: A Red Riding Hood Aerialist Retelling by K.M. Robinson

Game of Bezique by Elle Beaumont

Circus des Spirits by C.M. Lander

The Ringmaster by Jessica Julien

We All Fall by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

The Dollhouse by Christis Christie

Want to see the title pages but didn't purchase a print copy?

Each story has its own title page featuring the main character from the story. Due to file size limits, the ebook does not contain these stunning title pages, but we don’t want you to miss out!

Which is your favorite?

The Artwork

All of the drawings of the main characters from the anthology were created by Millennium Genesis.

Special thanks to Millie for all her hard work!

Book Walk Through

Author K.M. Robinson unboxed her copy of Cirque de vol Mystique live on air and gave us a walk through of the interior of the anthology. Check it out!

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